Why is My GhostCover Turning Yellow?

To answer the age-old question, we must look no further than our chemistry class lessons or Breaking Bad episodes. When chemicals mix, stuff happens.




The same applies to Thermoplastic Polyurethane (aka TPU), the material that GhostCover is made with. When different elements come in contact with our premium, engineering-grade TPU, the material can begin to turn yellow. This is normal and happens to all TPU objects like smartphone cases for example. One of the biggest culprits of yellowing? The sun. It’s UV rays chemically react with TPU and mess it up.

What are the other top contributors you ask? Visible light, extreme temperatures, plus sweat and oil. Now, it’s important to point out that even if GhostCover turns slightly yellow or becomes “cloudy”, it’s still safe to use. It will do its job perfectly fine because we use high grade TPU that prolongs the aging process. Wash it using our how to guide to try to remove any dirt and oil. This won’t remove the yellowness (it’s kind of irreversible) but it will be as clean (germ-free) as can be. Then continue using it until it looks ready to say goodbye, usually after six months to a year. 

Additionally, heavily used keys on GhostCover can begin to develop a mini bump or bubble. This is normal because as the keyboard protector gets pressed down, it eventually begins to concave a bit. With enough use, the area will concave just enough that the bounce of the keyboard key will push the area up, forming the small bubble.

GhostCover doesn’t age well like wine, but that’s okay. It offers a great thin layer of protection, and it’s better than silicon-based protectors (don’t get us started with those).


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Annasyssor June 03, 2021

I loved the product, disappointed in the bubbling effect on keys. I’ve since replaced mine because it was both too yellow and bubbling. I’ve never exposed mine to any direct sunlight. The warranty should cover this is not the consumers fault.

Diana April 27, 2021


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ZgmYdHGhqsFUlP August 09, 2020

Whatever reason you give, I’m disappointed with my cover turning yellow. I really wish I purchased some other item sold by different companies as they all provide lifetime warranty even if it turns yellow. Highly disappointed on purchasing this one.

Thiruvikraman Nithyanandam June 24, 2020

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