What took so long? Ghost for the 2020 MBA

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We know, getting MacBook Air Ghost products to you has taken longer than usual. Thanks for waiting but as you know, things have been different lately. 

While this isn’t another MacBook Air review, we haven’t seen tech reviewers mention something noteworthy about the new Air: its dimensions. And for an accessory brand, it’s important to us. And for an accessory user, it should be important to you too.

  • Quick Rule of Thumb: A new Apple model number usually means new product tooling. Which means a new MacBook design. That’s what happened with the 2020 MacBook Air, a new A number: A2179. 

Externally, the new scissor-switch keyboard is likely the most talked-about update and we were anticipating it. What surprised us, was everything else. To start, the 2020 MacBook Air’s trackpad is now a 1mm larger. And because of a larger trackpad, the palm rest dimensions have also been adjusted. On top of that, the new Air’s thickness has increased slightly, likely because of the new keyboard. All of this meant we needed to update our entire Ghost line for the new MacBook Air.

To add to the wait, we experienced delays with receiving inventory from the factory during this pandemic (as many businesses have in the past few weeks). Nonetheless, we worked as fast as we could to help get our latest products to you.

Could you have used the previous version of MacBook Air Ghost products on your new MacBook? Yes and no. The experience wouldn’t have been optimal and it would have looked off, trust us on this one. That’s why we’ve taken the time to address the little details. It’s all so you can have the best MacBook experience with near-invisible protection. We know lots of you have been waiting for the Ghost. Thanks for your patience, we think the wait has been worth it.



Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

aihultojwi March 18, 2021

I actually reached out on Facebook to ask if they knew when products would be released for the new Macbook Air, and not only did they respond pretty quickly, I was told it would be released in the next week or two and was recommended another cover that would be the best fit if I wanted something for in the meantime. To my surprise, when I went to order the other cover two days later, the 2020 Macbook Air products were available! I got the Ghostcover bundle and couldn’t be happier. The trackpad cover fits like a glove, the palm protectors are a near-perfect color match and the keyboard cover feels quality and doesn’t lift or stick to my fingers while typing like silicone covers do. Very happy with my purchase, it was well worth the wait.

Gena W May 27, 2020

Hey all,
Thanks for the article on the new MacBook Air 2020 accessories. It was definitely a long wait. I ordered my MacBook Air the 1st day it was available online and received it shortly thereafter, so it’s been a couple months, BUT the wait for my GhostCover was totally worth it. Now I have a really nice keyboard cover to keep my keys from getting shiny and gross, and it didn’t cost a fortune! Nice work!
Sean J.

Sean J May 27, 2020

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